Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Post indy ref

Quick update about indy ref:

That night wasn't as exciting as we thought it would be. We were also told a lot of the bars would stay open until the results were in, as in 6 am. When we actually got out, most West End bars were closing, and no one was out on the street. There were a lot of people in George's Square in city center, but that's an hour walk and the subways were closed. Kaitlyn and I ended up snacking and watching the referendum screening at uni. When we ran out of snacks at 2:30, and there were only a couple results in, we headed back for the night. I wasn't that surprised when the No's won; as they keep on saying, it did seem like they were the silent majority.

So not as exciting as I hoped, but there was a huge turnout, and everyone participating in democracy was cool. But it will be interesting to see how even more power will be devolved to Scotland in the coming months, as Westminster promised. Then it has implications for UK as a whole, as Northern Ireland and Wales will probably get power too! So from that standpoint, there is a lot of action still yet to take place.

Here's a gratuitous pic of me with the Scottish flag, or Saltire

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