Sunday, 14 September 2014

First Week in Glasgow

This first week in Glasgow has been a much slower one, which means more sleeping in and a lot less walking!

We have so much time here in Glasgow that we've been exploring slowly but surely. There's another big park called Kelvingrove, and I explored that a little. With all the nice weather the parks have been full of people, many just lying on the grass enjoying the sun. (I think it's supposed to rain tomorrow! We'll see how it goes).
Kelvingrove Park-the grass is so green here

I met a fellow Ed Sheeran lover and we got tickets to his show on October 31!!!! I've been listening to only Ed Sheeran songs after that. Edward Christopher Sheeran we're coming for you!!! As you can tell, I'm very very very excited. Halloween isn't crazy like it is in the U.S. anyway.

We've mostly been doing housekeeping kind of things with the University so far. I've used their printer system in the library, got my gym pass, went to a couple orientation events, and seen both of their unions, Glasgow University Union and Queen Margaret Union. They each have their own building with bars, cafes, places to study, and associated clubs. Membership is free and they're still pretty open to the public too, so I'll probably be there a lot!
It looks like a castle in the distance, but it's actually just the University of Glasgow

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