Thursday, 18 September 2014

Indy Ref! Just some thoughts

First of all, can we talk about how the hashtag on social media for the independence referendum is #indyref?? How cute is that. I'm pretty sure no secessionist movement has had a more adorable hashtag to call their own.

Being here while this is going is just so cool. That being said, here's my prediction: if the energy in the air counted for anything, the yes campaign has already won. But in actual votes I do think the no campaign will win this one. The yes campaign goes for the heart, and it is easy to stir national pride for them. But the no campaign goes for the head, and cautions people that the future is very uncertain if they do break away. Head over heart I guess!

Some interesting things I've read in the many articles I've seen, and possibly what the average American wouldn't know:

  • There's a law in the UK that the news cannot publish what individual voters have voted.
  • If you're undecided, you're more likely to vote no- you're not suddenly going to jump to this big (huge) decision that you want everything to change.
  • The queen has not come out and said what she thinks of the whole thing- the only thing she has said is that everyone should think very very carefully before voting. 
  • Buckingham Palace issued a statement which read: "The sovereign's constitutional impartiality is an established principle of our democracy and one which the Queen has demonstrated throughout her reign."As such, the monarch is above politics and those in political office have a duty to ensure this remains the case."Any suggestion that the Queen would wish to influence the outcome of the current referendum campaign is categorically wrong. Her Majesty is simply of the view this is a matter for the people of Scotland." -BBC News
  • There are funny tweets about how J.K. Rowling would become the next queen of Scotland.
  • Some businesses who have openly signed a letter backing the no campaign and staying with the Union have been supposedly threatened and harassed for it. 
  • They let 16 year olds vote for the referendum! (They got special permission just for this referendum) I think many will vote yes.

Polls don't close until 10pm; results will start trickling in at 1am. The final count is expected at 6am our time-not sure if I can stay up all the way, but I will wake up to see what it is! I'm not sure what to expect, either way, but here's to #indyref!!

Love having the posters and badges!

All the front pages are pretty cool today- my souvenir! 

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