Sunday, 23 November 2014

Harry Potter land

I've been stumbling across some really cool Harry Potter related places lately!

Edinburgh: Elephant Cafe- Where Rowling wrote part of the first couple books, wayyy back before she famous. Apparently she liked the view of Edinburgh Castle.

University of Glasgow- This doesn't technically count, but the arches remind me soooo much of Hogwarts.

Glencoe- The Forbidden Forest shots were filmed in the Scottish Highlands, in Glencoe.

Cliffs of Moher- At the bottom of the cliffs, there's a cave they used in the scene in the Half Blood Prince when Harry and Dumbledore Apparate to find the locket Horcrux. You could definitely see how the cliffs tied in here.

Oxford, Divinity Hall- This was where they filmed the infirmary scenes! We didn't go in, but you could see the arched windows that immediately made you remember the infirmary.

Oxford, Duke Humphries Library- Harry was wandering around this library when he went in the middle of the night under the Invisibility Cloak to find a book that was chained to the shelf.

This half counts- I've seen the steam train that goes on the bridge that is the iconic Hogwarts Express scene. I'm also going to try to hit Platform 9 3/4 when I stopover in London on the way to Paris next week!

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